Warranty, maintainance and repair service

According to our guideline “Good product is not enough, good service is a must”, our customers are not only satisfied with quality products but also peace of mind about the quality of service that we provide.


         -   Our excellent engineers are regularly trained by manufacturers and willing to serve customers in all regions of the country.

         -   All devices are provided by VietCan are guaranteed for at least 12 months.

         -   During warranty period, periodically, Viet Can’s engineers will test and make maintenance free of charge. If there is any problem, you can contact our technical department. We will be there to fix the problem within 24 hours for area in HCM city and within 48 hours for other provinces.

         -   After warranty expired in accordance with the manufacturer, you can require our reliability maintenance service. We have a full package service (periodically and regularly maintenance).

         -   In addition, we also repair equipment correctly, quickly and ensure that the replacement spare parts are genuine goods.


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