The Mark 80 XYZ-DC

Model: Mark 80 XYZ-DC
Dexta - USA


Here’s the story about how Dexta became the first surgical to put XYZ mobility in the base.

Some year ago, several top laser manufaturers, impressed by the quality and rock-solid stability of the Mark Dexta Surgical Chairs, approached us with a proposition: design an ophthalmic surgical chair that would eliminate the need for the costly XYZ laser head, and resolve stability and focusing issues.The result was the Dexta Mark 80 XYZ Chair, functional by virtue of its motorized base on all three axes, with unquestionable quality and legendary stability (imitated but never surpassed). We are pleased to incorporate our latest design and technological improvements to bring you the most sophisticated ophthalmic surgical chair ever the XYZ-DC.

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