Ophthalmic Unit & Chair TC-800G

Model: TC-800G
Medop - China

Hình ảnh: 
Tính năng kỹ thuật: 

          -  Easy operation with a wel positioned control panel
          -  Sliding table to accommodate two instruments
          -  Auto "power off" for table instruments
          -  Table instrument voltage selectable: 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V và 24V (50W)
          -  Auxiliary 110V/220V output under table
          -  Overhead light and table voltages are variably controlled via dimmer switch
          -  Projector mounting place
          -  Table rotational angle: 900
          -  Phoroptor arm up/down rotational angle: ± 300
          -  Table sliding movement: 330mm
          -  Table and case using composite material.
          -  Color: ivory white and sapphire blue

          -  Maximum working size: 1700 (W) x 1720 (L) x 2005 (H) mm
          -  Minimum room require: 1700 (W) x 1720 (L) mm
          -  Net weight: 190kgs

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